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56 Old El Pueblo Road

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

56 Old El Pueblo Road

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

HOURS: Mon - Fri / 10-4

Company Bio

the beginnings.

Company Kind is made up of makers, creators & curators. Hey there, I'm Angie and my husband is Rob and we’re the originals behind it all. We started out in a tiny woodshop in the San Lorenzo Valley - here Rob catered to the elite and made his deliveries in a beat up old 69' Chevy. His high-end projects left behind beautiful materials that we used to begin our original wood product line, known previously as woodkeeps. Since, we've started many other ventures and in 2017, we combined everything we were and became Company Kind.

the visuals.

Now to paint a little picture of where we hang our aprons. We’ve got a big ol' industrial building in the Santa Cruz mountains. Our woodshop takes up the entire right side, in the back left is our studio and in the very front we have our hidden gem. That's what folks call our brick + mortar, Kind. Our parking lot is surrounded by huge palm trees and we can walk to taco trucks or the hardware store at any given time, which we do.

the breakdown.

Our design style is simple. From our jewelry to our small wood product line, it's all about clean lines, cool vibes and an overall classic feel.

Our Kind Wood line is made up of salvaged, reclaimed or repurposed woods whenever we get to make the call. Each product, whether it's a baby block or custom cabinets, is quality made, old-school style and know Rob enjoyed every minute of it. Our Kind Studio jewelry line, is made using fine metals in combination with hand-cut brass, leather or salvaged woods. Every piece gets that attention to detail and is an expression of my own gritty minimalist style. Then there's Kind - that's our little shop that consists of our own creations, but also many other American made goodies I’ve personally hunted. In a nutshell, it's “A curated blend of lifestyle goods. Personally sought after, tried + true and always kindly made."

Our team works hard to keep it real, fresh and thoughtful of our environment. We hope you find something to enjoy and if you’re ever in the area, please stop by for a cup of coffee and a tour of it all.

Follow @companykind on instagram, facebook or twitter to see what we're up to!


Our not so little family-2016

Photos by Ellie Koleen Photography 

The Company


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